Helpful Web Links

The University of Wisconsin - Extension has created the Sustainable Communities Capacity Center which includes resource links for eco-municipalities, economic development, planning & land use, energy & climate change, agriculture & natural resources, consumer choices and community stories.

Visit the Sustainable Communities Capacity Center at

The Natural Step is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping communities use the strategic framework as they work toward sustainability.   Sustainable Twin Ports has contracted with The Natural Step Canada to provide training for the Twin Ports participants.  Visit their website at

The City of Duluth's Sustainability Team has a website that offers links to the City's Energy Action Plan with targets to reduce energy in energy, transportation and operations from 2011-2015. 

Sustainable Twin Ports was formed in 2007, when Sustainable Duluth joined with the We Mean Green Team of the Knight Creative Communities Initiative.  For more information on the Knight Creative Communities Initiative, visit

Our neighboring community of Chequamegon Bay, WI is also implementing The Natural Step sustainability principles.   Visit their website at


Housing Authorities Go Green

In this era of rising energy costs and shrinking budgets, housing authorities in Nashville, Milwaukee, and Denver have implemented sustainable design strategies to lower utility bills-to great effect!