A Joyful Conculsion

Sustainable Twin Ports (STP) was created just over a decade ago to help businesses and not-for-profit organizations in the Twin Ports region become more sustainable. Using a cohort model, STP trained over 30 organizational groups in the principles of sustainability using The Natural Step as an organizing framework.


In recent years, sustainability has become an expectation rather than an add-on in businesses and organizations. Given this change in the environment, it is with both great joy and sadness that we announce the formal dissolution of STP. The increasing permeation of sustainability throughout the community has decreased the need for our training programs. Our extensive market research, including focus groups and surveys, supported this conclusion.


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What is "Sustainability"?

"Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." 

Brundtland Commission Report, 1987

Sustainable Twin Ports envisions a thriving Greater Duluth-Superior region that balances the economic, social and environmental needs of its people in ways that nurture shared prosperity for all.

STP’s mission is to help cultivate a community of practice among businesses, organizations and citizens wherein sustainability is the norm and successes inform and inspire the efforts of like-minded communities.

We fulfill this mission by fostering opportunities for education, knowledge-sharing and networking for businesses, organizations and individuals.